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Inbatek Co., Ltd is a German-Thai company, with expertise in paperless and PDF technologies such as e-Document management, e-Invoicing, digital signatures and digital time stamping. Moreover, It has more than 20 years experience in ERP and document management system in European countries. With the 20 years experiences in Software and automatic technologies, Inbatek was founded in 2016 to support “Thailand” into the digital era with advanced technologies.
Inbatek is an exclusive iText Partner for Thailand, which is an international company enabling companies with digital transformations technology through its PDF software development kit based in Europe, Singapore and the USA. iText is the world most used PDF library for JAVA and .NET. The iText PDF component is the preferred choice for most developers, since it is open source with PDF features and is also very well supported on every platform.
Inbatek is an official partner of GEFEG mbH for Thailand. (, a software company for XML standardization, used by UN/CEFACT. Inbatek is a member of UN/CEFACT. We are a dedicated business intelligence and IT system integration consulting firm, which focuses on technical software architecture, performance, source code security auditing and source code assessment with a tactic improvement. Currently, Inbatek has received the honor to implement the guideline and define the standard and XML profile of the following documents for ETDA, indirectly for The Thai revenue department:

“Developing E-Tax invoice based on PDF/A-3 and XML with digital signature & digital time stamp for Thailand.” Part of that Guideline was a reference implementation for generating and validating e-Tax invoices. Our engine code will be used by revenue department on their server for processing and validation E-Tax-Invoices. iText was used in the reference implementation since it is open source and has all the required functionalities. An important factor for the guideline was that it is transparent enough to allow relatively easy to build an implementation even with different technologies.
Since it is the same engine, and we are the authors of the standard, using our engine on the customer side will guarantee 100% compatibility.
We always aim to deliver the best solutions to customers in public and private sectors Including an insurance company, security company, financial, energy, logistic, retail, manufacturing, and government.

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