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TransferWonder API


With transfer Wonder API you can make my .NET (C #, VB, etc.) with just a few lines of code your company fit for the digital future.

With the new standard PDF/A-3 as a document for invoices and other documents, you can do this by EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) data, such as. ZUGFeRD and EDIFACT are provided and thus both as a basis for the settlement of internal business processes as well as for data exchange with serve with customers, suppliers and external systems!


  • Generating PDF / A3 from ZUGFeRD XML file
  • Generating an XML file ZUGFeRD
  • Attaching ZUGFeRD XML to PDF document
  • Extracting ZUGFeRD XML file from PDF document
  • Mapping of ZUGFeRD invoice EDIFACT INVOICE
  • Generating EDIFACT files
  • Attaching EDIFACT files to PDF document
  • Extracting EDIFACT file from PDF document
  • Mapping from EDIFACT INVOICE into ZUGFeRD bill

Example Code:

  • Generating a PDF / A-3 from a bill ZUGFeRD XML file and any Word template
    C# | VB.NET
  • Generate EDIFACT invoice and attach it to an existing PDF / A-3 title
    C# | VB.NET
  • Attach ZUGFeRD XML to a PDF / A-3 title
    C# | VB.NET
  • Extract ZUGFeRD from PDF / A-3
    C# | VB.NET