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Inbatek Pro Scan   

With Inbatek AI scan, we offer secure and fast digitizing your incoming documents. We stand for absolute discretion and privacy.

The documents are analyisert with extreme precision and processed, then your original documents are of course delivered back to you again.

You will also receive a digital version in the future-proof PDF / A3 format including directly to the PDF document Attached EDI files in the form of ZUGFeRD or EDIFACT. 

The reading machine and any further processing is guaranteed on latest developments in technology.

Benefits of a Digital Inbox:

  • General increase in efficiency in mail processing (process optimization)
  • No physical distribution of paper documents (internal mail)
  • No commitment of resources (with external service)
  • Reduction of interfaces (automated processes / document workflows)
  • Reduction of storage space (file folder / archive)
  • Cost savings and environmental protection (no physical copies)
  • Location-independent multiple access possible (virtual teamwork)
  • Quick take place to look far (no commuting / no secondary storage)
  • Better and faster customer service (response time / ability to provide information)
  • Better and faster customer service (response time / ability to provide information)
  • Uniform organization of digital and physical documents (legal certainty)

We offer you:

  • All business documents in digital form
  • OCR on latest developments in technology
  • Individual delivery of documents via any transmission (AS2, web, email, ....)
  • Legally compliant archiving as PDF / A3
  • Single-Document EDI with your partners
  • Highest possible protection of highly confidential data
  • Efficiency and integrity is guaranteed by using the latest technologies
  • Contact us today!  Save your time and money!Allow Inbatek AI work for your company processing your incoming documents with German technology: Intelligent scanning process!