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TransferWonder API

Simply generate Doc via .NET library from a ZUGFeRD invoice file a complete PDF / A3.

Go with us to a new level of productivity by C # or VB.NET which is introduced by our product called Transfer Wonder API Complex. Just in a few lines of code!


Inbatek Pro Scan

Digitization Of Inbox! 

Opens it up with unimagined possibilities and time saving.

Enjoy with the Inbatek Pro Scan. A highly professional  and reliable digitizing your documents based on the latest technologies from Europe!

The basis for the Paperless Office of the Future is the full digitization of their business documents, which is with our help just yet blink of an eye!


Inbatek Handheld Terminal and Barcode-Scanner

Modern and high-performance! 

1D and 2D barcode scanners for internal and external applications in your company!

All barcode scanner can be controlled directly by .NET and work based on Android operating systems. This excellent they are expandable to more apps and developments!