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Here we help you to find his way in the jungle of technical vocabulary and thus to obtain an optimum overview of the whole subject.

We work future-oriented and with the purpose to give our customers the best possible IT support on hand. Here, it is important to us that you know the features and benefits and appreciate why we have put this knowledge database for you online.


Originally, the word comes from the Latin and means document demonstrative act. In Inbatek, we build product Cross to document type PDF/A3, which can be enriched with EDI Dokumenten. 


There is a digital format for long-term archiving, the normalization of the International Standard Organization (ISO) was approved.

The latest specification PDF/A3 has been adopted in 2012 and serves as the basis for our concept of the next generation of Document Management!

EDI Dokument

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Documents used for exchanging data between systems.

The most common types are i.a.:

Tailor-made Software

This is software that is tailored for you (eng. To tailor), that every click, every process and all functions are adjusted to the smallest detail to meet their needs. This allows you to move into new Spheres of IT support and therefore stand out from your competitors!